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High quality photography is a simple but effective form of communication that every company needs.  Here at Quench we can help you achieve and optimise all imagery to get your message across fast and elegantly.  We have a vast array of in-house cinematic and digital SLR cameras (and an even wider selection of stunning lenses).  Add some professional lighting kits into the mix and our creative genius and you’re ready to shoot!


Ideal for print and web marketing, professional packshot photography of your product is a must.  Whether you’ve invented a new toy or are importing the latest thing, proper photographic lighting and a high quality digital camera are essential to show your product at its absolute best.  Quench Visuals can provide both clear and simple packshot images (showing your branding and packaging perfectly) as well as more elaborate and creatively-lead photography displaying your product in its natural environment (like a beautifully composed kitchen counter set).  Either way (or both ways!) give us a bell to discuss your photographic needs.

Stock photography vs bespoke

What’s the difference?  Stock photography (from the likes of iStock and Getty, for example) is where you purchase licensed imagery for either public or commercial use, where as bespoke photography involves commissioning a professional photographer (hello there!) to create unique imagery especially for your brand.  

Why choose bespoke photography by Quench?  Whilst stock libraries are undoubtedly a useful source at times (they can provide a quick and sometimes inexpensive solution for the odd upload here and there), ‘off the shelf’ photography has a tendency to be overused.  Sometimes the perfect image to suit to fit your need is impossible to stumble upon and that’s where Quench Visuals can help (hurray!).

Bespoke photography provides a personal approach that enables you to pinpoint your message to precisely the right audience - and without the generic corporate look often associated with stock imagery,  Tailored imagery also shows great care and pride in your business which, in turn, adds extra credibility to your marketing.  So let Quench create bespoke photography for all your marketing needs. 

The results will be effective and beautiful - communicating your brand to your targeted audience.  After all, heavy use of stock photography could cost you a lot more in volume and license agreements than one of our packages!

Event photography

Corporate event photography is great for publicising your business’s latest goings on and documenting its progress.  We’ve done reportage style photography for all sorts of company events – from major site installations to company Christmas parties!  Whatever the scale, Quench has it covered.  Our team is experienced, good humoured and discreet – we will quietly get the best shots without getting in anyone’s way! Professional and unobtrusive, give Quench a bell to discuss your event photography requirements.