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Timelapse Photography

What is timelapse photography/video?

Timelapse photography involves cameras set in specific positions that take individual photographs at pre-set intervals.  When the photographs are then gathered together and made into a video, the result is a smooth and ‘sped up’ version of the event/s captured – a fantastic way of showing a slow process in a shorter and stunning way!

What can timelapse be used for? 

The possibilities for timelapse filming are really endless.  Whether you’ve got a building in construction, an event in progress or want to film a flower coming into bloom, timelapse photography is a great method of documenting all sorts of events in a concise and visually engaging way.  Timelapse video is great for websites, PR and broadcast, and even for print (as each frame of a time lapse video is a photograph, individual images can be extracted for print-based marketing).

Let Quench Visuals take care of your time lapse photography!  We have all the necessary camera equipment, skills and vision to make your film both informative and beautiful.  Our wide range of cameras can cover all the most tricky of environments – from mixed temperatures, outdoor locations to low light - and covering timespans of just a few hours (short term time laspe) to many months and even years (long term time lapse).  We even have some great timelapse toys – like a bespoke motion control rig for some shots with smooth movement to mix up those static tripod shots!  So get in touch for a chat about how timelapse photography can add interest to your marketing mediums.